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Company culture

Company culture

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Company Purpose:

Our purpose is adopting advanced manufacturing technology and working by heart to achieve the wide prospects.

We provide the manufacturing advices、reasonable price、quality control、accurate delivery to our customers. It will reach to the quality requests for customers and achieve our operation purpose.



Operation Idea:

Based on Honesty、Best for Service; Excellent and Harmonious


Operations Purpose:

to be the first lever parts supplier in Global


Quality Idea:

Europe Quality, Hongkong Service.


Quality Policy:

best for customer, working best, improve all the time


Company Spirit:

Team, Cooperate, Real,lnnovate.


Core Value:

Quality is life: Improving the quality is our persistent purpose




Service is key point: Provide the satisfied service is our responsibility

Creative is power: Based on technology, innovation and working hard for new products

Credibility is principal: working by truth and operation by Credibility

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