What do lock hardware fittings refer to?

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New investment casting process

On the basis of developing and perfecting conventional processes, new process methods have been developed to further improve the quality of castings, increase production efficiency, and expand the application range of investment casting.

What is casting? The development of casting?

Casting is a process in which a metal is smelted into a liquid that meets certain requirements and poured into a mold, and which has a predetermined shape, size, and performance after being cooled and solidified. Casting blanks are near-formed to achieve machining-free or small-scale processing, reducing costs and reducing time to some extent. Casting is one of the fundamental processes in the modern manufacturing industry.

Investment casting

Lost wax casting, now called investment casting, is a casting process with less or no cutting. It is an excellent process technology in the foundry industry and its application is very extensive. It is not only suitable for the casting of various types and various alloys, but also produces castings with higher dimensional accuracy and surface quality than other casting methods, and even castings that are difficult to cast by other casting methods, which are difficult to cast, are not easy to process. Can be cast by investment casting.
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